Rambo The First Blood Best Movie That Make You Feel In Action

Action movies of the 90s First Blood is the story of a war veteran named John Rambo played by Silvester Stalone. Rambo returning from duty in the Vietnam war, it was rejected in his own country. First it was the hubris A sheriff named Will Tease falsely rejected, even expel John Rambo who walked into 'his city'. Rambo forcibly escorted out of the city. Until the city limits Rambo lowered the bridge .

Rambo in First Blood is able to survive in situations of emergency department is the hidden power of the people who used to suffer; expelled from the sidewalk, evicted from their homes, even when the people affected by the disaster still corrupt officials who have the heart of financial and material aid. As Rambo finally angry because harassed, beaten, and because the fight was being chased, and even fired upon, when he entered the city just to eat, people's patience also has limits. First Blood treatment such as the expulsion of workplaces, the eviction of residence, or the behavior of corrupt officials and officers, luxurious life of idleness, unable to provide quality of service, eventually become a psychological burden that overlap. If all that is not immediately terminated, not impossible that the people become angry and commit destructive acts. Such a mass wave has proven to destroy the authoritarian rule of a military regime that has been entrenched for 32 years.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark Adventure Movie You Should Watch

Speed Thrilling Movie You Should Watch Starred By Keanu Reaves

No exaggeration if I mention the movie Speed, starring Keanu Reeves as one of the best action movies 90s decade ago. From beginning to end I was treated to exciting scenes with pace story without loose, can be equated tempo of the film tension classmate Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight'nya. It was my catapult not without comparison, with a storyline revolving ride and neatly maintained until the end of the minutes of this film, making the director Jan De Bont successfully perform their duties perfectly.

Not many caves watch films at the cinema more than once. Speed ??is one of the caves watch film twice in theaters. Once the cave was amazed by the rapid pace of this movie that makes this film was exciting (non-stop from start to finish). So Speed ??including favorite movie cave with a thrilling story ideas, which triggered a bomb on a bus because the bus speed exceeds 50 miles / hour, and if the speed of the bus is reduced then the bomb exploded. Storylines such as the rose is quite attractive, but the story is not only that but there are other things that are also not less interesting. Indeed, the quality of the characters may not classmate Oscar but it is definitely one of the pioneers movie Speed ??with theme-blast explosive (bomb).

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